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Director Anders Walter,  perfectly examines the way in which familial trauma and abuse can stretch far beyond the years during which the victim is directly abused.  Anna (portrayed by Mathilde Arcel Fock) has experienced abuse at the hands of her mother; who was an alcoholic during Anna’s childhood. Walter’s direction and Louise McLaughlin’s cinematography paint contrasting images of Anna’s life as a child and as an adult. The young girl, who audiences come to know is Anna, herself, as a child, resides in a dark home; from the wood to the lighting, everything feels shrouded in shadow. This contrasts with the lighter home that adult Anna now resides within. While her new home is brighter, there are still shadows in certain areas that seem to highlight the idea that Anna has the shadows of her familial trauma still unresolved and haunting her.


– The above is excerpted from this review.


Interview with director Anders Walther by The Upcoming


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